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Carrie Meadows

Carrie has been practicing yoga for most of her adult life, and teaching yoga since 2010. Here is a bit about Carrie in her own words.

‘My mum is a yoga teacher so Yoga has always been in my life in some form or another. Over the last 10 years I have worked in schools, teaching yoga to children and teachers and teaching in Adult education, alongside raising my two children. In 2018 I came to Kundalini yoga, or, it came to me. I was looking for something to challenge a way of thinking I had about myself, I wanted to increase my Self belief. I also wanted to deepen my spirituality. So after starting a personal practice and finding it to be different to any yoga I’d done in the past, and also feeling the powerful effects of being more connected to my energy system, I decided I wanted to share it with others and became a teacher. This work has introduced me to lots of new yoga. Its combination of postures, both dymanic and meditative, with mantra, pranayama and meditation has given me the changes I was looking for.'

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