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Funky, Fun & Freeing: Bottle Rocket Yoga Workshop

FlowMotion.Life is super excited to bring to you our first ever Rocket Yoga workshop by Kate Oates:
'Funky, Fun & Freeing: Bottle Rocket'
2nd June, 10-12:00
£25 (non-refundable)

Rocket yoga is a system, founded by the late Ashtangi, Larry Schultz. He believed that to get into a pose, you had to start to work towards it, rather than leave it untouched and unattainable. Designed around the joints and muscles groups, the Rocket system has 4 main sequences. Bottle Rocket is the entry sequence to the Rocket System. A class based on the Bottle Rocket allows us to build strength and stability, improve flexibility and to become familiar with the bare bones of the Rocket sequencing. It's the spring board for all of the juicy extras that the Rocket system has to offer!

In this 2-hour session we will use the Bottle Rocket sequence as a base, adding juicy sprinkles for an invigorating, refreshing and fun experience. Incorporating transitions, modifications and inversions, this class is accessible to all flexibilities and strengths, because as the founder Larry said, Rocket is there to get you there faster!

This workshop is a unique, powerful and playful Rocket Yoga class.

Expect to leave feeling revived, free and completely satisfied.

Available to Yogis who have taken 15+ Vinyasa Flow Classes.
Not suitable during pregnancy.
And importantly, NOT just for the advanced and bendy!

Kate Oates is an inclusive, friendly and warm teacher. Trained by Yoga London in 2014 in Vinyasa Flow, Kate added Rocket Yoga to her repertoire in 2016 by undertaking intensive training with Amber Gean, a student and friend of the founder of Rocket himself, Larry Schultz. Kate makes yoga playful, fun and liberating. An ex-runner with stubborn hips and hamstrings, Kate understands tight bodies. Rocket Yoga is a sweaty and freeing way to challenge and recharge yourself, inside and out.

Funky, Fun & Freeing: Bottle Rocket Yoga Workshop image


Workshop teacher

Kate Oates

Day, time & price

Date: Sunday, June 02, 2019

Time: 10:00 to 12:00

Price: £25.00 per class


Dynamic Flow
Vinyasa Yoga