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Happy Hips for Strength & Mobility

We are so excited to have one of our most loved teachers back with us this Fall. Join Monique Fryer on her workshop
Happy Hips- For Strength & Mobility on October 12th, 10 to 12.30.

Happy hips can move with ease and efficiency into running, walking, squatting, balancing and smoothly getting up and down from the ground.

If we don’t nurture our body with a full range of movements it becomes accustomed to patterns of movement we do on a daily basis- sitting for several hours, hunching over computers and phones, cradling toddlers on your hip.

Do your hips ever feel like you’re wearing too tight jeans? SI issues? Lower back twinges?

Well, it’s never too late to nurture your body with a wider range of movement to release tension and increase mobility of the spine.

This workshop will give special attention to all the muscles wrapping around the hips like your flexors and glorious glutes.

A lot of yoga practice focuses on hip opening and flexibility without addressing how to stabilise the hip joint.

Enjoy a session that will engage, strengthen and build stability in your hips integrating yoga asana with functional movements to support you in your daily life.

You’ll be able to incorporate the exercises into your regular yoga practice and continue the good work for hips that feel strong and mobile to carry you through every day. Investment: £28

About Monique in her own words:

Yoga has helped me to discover my strength, stamina and inner peace whilst raising a family and balancing the hectic demands of everyday life.

Teaching since 2005 with thousands of hours teaching and education, my approach integrates vinyasa flow with applied anatomy & modern movement science for a sustainable yoga practice. I specialise in working with people of all shapes and sizes who are interested in exploring through movement, breath -work and mindfulness a practice that helps all aspects of their life for years to come.

My method of teaching is definitely not ‘one size fits all’ students describe my classes as being full of knowledge, professional guidance for your individual needs and lots of playfulness and laughter.

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Workshop teacher

Monique Fryer

Day, time & price

Date: Saturday, October 12, 2019

Time: 10:00 to 12:30

Price: £28.00