Rebirthing Breathwork, Cacao & Sound Circle

Suitability   Suitable for All
Teacher  Jasmin Chew
Date   Saturday, July 1, 2023 at 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Price 40.00 Per class
Duration   3 hours

We are excited to have Jasmin Chew and her Rebirthing Breathwork, Cacao and Sound Circle back at our beautiful studio on

1st July, 5-8:00pm

£40 per person (non refundable)

The breath generates our life force energy. It is the soul's and the heart's medicine. With the support of Mama Cacao, we begin the journey back to our centre, into the portal of our heart and our body, allowing space to transmute what may be blocking us from our deepest heartfelt desires. Rebirthing breathwork is conscious connection breathing that helps draw out stuck emotions and unresolved trauma from the body. This form of breathwork is gentle and is deeply transformative: it works on a deep cellular levels.It is an active process that inspires access to your full potential for joy, aliveness and peace in life.

Through Rebirthing Breathwork you can also:

  • learn how to free your physical and emotional body from traumatic or suppressed experiences such as unconscious birth memories
  • integrate previously inaccessible emotional, physical, mental and spiritual energies
  • experience a deep level of clarity around your life's journey.

Cacao has been used in ancient ceremonies in South and Central America for thousands of year. Its active ingredient, theobromine (Food of the Gods, has many health benefits. Hence, it makes sense that cacao was given its sacred status and enjoyed in communal ceremonies by the Maya with their Gods.

The workshop is open to all who desire clarity, connection, self love, creativity, abundance, heart-centred living and to drop back into the body and connecting to the emotions and to the Divine. The workshop is not suitable for pregnant women, those with epilepsy, drug addiction, schizophrenia, or bipolar.

Repeats? No