Suitability   Suitable for All
Teacher   Gila Archer 
Date   Wednesday, December 1, 2021 at 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Price 8.00 Per class
Email  gila@gilaarcherpilates.com
Duration   1 hours

Pilates is a non-impact physical fitness system developed by Joseph Pilates in 1920s. He called his method ‘Contrology’. Pilates builds strength, with a particular focus on core strength, rebalances posture, improves mobility and flexibility. Pilates is a focused and highly efficient way to exercise and through the principles of concentration, control, flow, precision, centring, alignment and breathing connects the mind and the body so they are working in harmony together. The result is that after practicing Pilates you are standing taller and stronger and your mind is clear and quiet.

Gila’s classes are mixed ability, for men and women of any age who would like to remain active, build strength, improve mobility and take some time out to invest in their health and fitness now and for their future self. She modifies and adapts the exercises to suit your needs. The class is predominantly mat based, with occasionally using small equipment such as resistance bands, mini Pilates ball, activation bands and prickle balls to support and challenge.

Block booking is available and encouraged to avoid missing out. Any questions about the class or to book your place, please get in touch with Gila.

Repeats?   Repeats Weekly
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