Friday Kundalini Yoga

Suitability   Suitable for All
Teacher   Laura Cunliffe 
Date   Friday, January 7, 2022 at 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Price 10.00 Per class
Duration   1 hours, 30 minutes

Laura’s Kundalini classes are in two x 7 week series and are suitable for all. Please find below, in Laura’s own words what each series is about.

Intro to Kundalini Yoga: A journey through the chakras (7 week class series)

Kundalini yoga is a potent and full - body, mind, emotional, spiritual practice that works directly with awakening the bodies store house of vital life-force energy (Shakti or Kundalini). It is a powerful practice that can bring radical shifts in your life and states of consciousness (be warned 😅).

In this beginning Introduction series we will start with gentler Kriyas. Classes consist of different Kriyas, that incorporate dynamic postures, breath-work (pranayama), Sacred Sound vibration (mantra), Bandhas (Energy seals) & meditation. In this series we will work through each of the 7 chakras, clearing away blockages & working on stimulating & opening each centre. Classes are both energising, intriguing and sometimes challenging (though you will always be encouraged to listen to & honour your own body), and also profoundly relaxing. You can expect to leave feeling energised, transformed, & a lil reborn. 😄

This is a great series to do if you have been feeling a little low in energy, or de-motivated, not only does it super-charge you with energy it can also help increase your confidence and personal power. A great way to shake off the week and start your weekend with vibrancy.

Rebirthing: Clearing the Past & Emerging as New

Our bodies are the storehouse of our subconscious minds. And our subconscious mind is the storehouse of everything we have ever experienced in our past: our repressed emotions, past pain & memories often lie here controlling our ability to access our full potential in the here & now of our lives. Working through the body, and with specific Kriyas, we can access & open this storehouse, and clear out old gunk that is weighing us down and holding us back. This series will focus on doing just that. Classes will be fun and liberating, and are trauma-informed (if you have had any history of past trauma please do let me know.).

I think it was Osho that said something like: Everything we seek is already within us, we are like a well, & our job is just to remove the stones and blocks & let the inner wellspring of life flow through us once again.

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