Thank you

April 19 2022

Dear FlowMotion.Life teachers, students and friends,

Thank you very much for participating and generously donating your time and money to help us raise funds for DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. The weekend was a great success. We had lots of fun hanging from yoga swings, line-dancing, learning cool steps in our contemporary dance classes, blissfully DANCEMandala into bliss, Zumba to fab music, before we all chilled out in our peace meditation and sound healing class, and closing the weekend of with fabulous gong bath. 

We raised, from all the classes and the mini treatments plus cakes and cookies, £1,625. That's a massive amount! That amount combined with the funds raised at the stalls and the music event in the Edgefold grew to more than £5,000!

Matlock may well be a small town but it certainly has lots of big hearted people living in it. A huge congratulations to each and everyone of you who gave up your time, energy and money to help ease the suffering of those affected by the war in Ukraine.

Much love and gratitude to you all,

Wendy Snongjati

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