About FlowMotion.Life

FlowMotion.Life is Wendy’s dream come true. For many years, Wendy has wanted to have a space where she can hold her yoga classes and host other movement teachers and holistic therapists. The dream was finally realised with the help of her partner, Ian Watson, and her friend and student Mike McMaster, on September 5th, 2017, when we softly opened FlowMotion.Life.

In less than two months, by November 2017, we grew from 11 yoga classes per week to 21 yoga classes and 2 ballet classes, and a Pilates class, as well as a therapy room offering sport massages, Thai Yoga massage, Ayurvedic massages and facials and many more treatments. Wendy is eternally grateful to Ian and Mike for all the help and support and to all of FlowMotion.Life friends who join us at our space to make all the right moves at #flomo. Get in touch with us for more info re classes and treatments. And we’d love to get feedback from you to. Thank you.

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