Marie Madej

Here is a little bit about Marie and her journey into Baby Sensory.

I first discovered Baby Sensory when my first little treasure was about 6 months old. We sampled a lot of the baby activities around, but Baby Sensory was in a league all of its own. I quickly fell in love with the programme and activities and looked forward to what the theme was going to be each week - Baby Sensory was the highlight of my week! Second time around, Baby Sensory classes were precious in an additional way - this time it also provided me with protected one-on-one bonding time for me and newborn which I found difficult to have at home with a crazy two year old to care for. I returned to work after having my second baby but was shortly made redundant. I had an opportunity to change my career, in a way that fit my growing family needs. I realised how much I had taken from attending Baby Sensory classes (play ideas for home, stages of development, activities that strengthened the bond with my babies) and realised I wanted to be a part of that experience of others. I hope you take away as many memories and precious moments that I have from Baby Sensory. I can’t wait to meet you and your little ones! Marie xx

image of Marie Madej