Mike McMaster

After completing my TeenYoga diploma in September 2015, I started teaching a weekly yoga class for teenagers in Matlock, Derbyshire. I later transitioned to teaching a weekly adult yoga class while I was training for my 200 hour Yoga Alliance certificate. I have been teaching regular weekly classes since finishing my training in November 2016 and now teach both beginner and intermediate to experienced yoga students.

The style of yoga I teach is called vinyasa yoga and specifically looks at moving the body with the breath. Vinyasa is part of the hatha yoga tradition and literally translates as ‘to place the breath in a special way’ or ‘place’.

I teach traditional breathing techniques (known as pranayama) and meditation as part of my class too, so please expect not to be focussing purely on postures and poses (asana).

I take inspiration from many different backgrounds, traditions and disciplines. Teachers including David Sye of Yogabeats, Troy Hadeed and Ryan Leier of One Yoga, Leslie Kaminoff of Yoga Anatomy, Wendy Snongjati and Sharon Price of Pure Light Yoga School and more recently, Andrea Kwiatkowski (Jivamukti), but my main inspiration always comes from people around me including the people that attend my classes, my family and friends.

My classes can be challenging (rest and modifications are always an option), and so it’s always advisable to get in touch rather than drop in for a class.

I offer classes that are safe, friendly, enjoyable, educational and holistic to what I feel is the true essence of yoga.

image of Mike McMaster