Roseanna Croft

Roseanna, our newest team member, is meditation teacher and coach who has completed 300 hr certificate in meditation and mindfulness with Master Dev OM, Dr Joe Dispense and other notable teachers in the world of meditation and transformation. Her variety of training leads her to have a unique style of teaching based on science, psychology, and eastern philosophy to help you create a life you love. In her free time, Roseanna loves to travel, explore and go on new adventures! She loves big hikes, sea swims and breathtaking views. Roseanna's passion for learning new things has taken her to Aerial Hoop where she can be seen dangling from a big hoop mid air doing fun and cool poses. But most of all, Roseanna loves to meditate and to share her knowledge of meditation and mindfulness with everyone.

image of Roseanna Croft